About Me.



I’m Aishwarya and yes it’s a common name but I do like my name for a fact that I share my name with a Bollywood celebrity Aishwarya Rai 😎
I’m an only child for my parents and little princess for my dad, I know what u must be thinking right now that I am very much pampered at home, well Ur wrong my mom and dad has never bought me up to be dependent, they have thought me to earn and get what I want so that I learn to be Independent. I was born in Mumbai and bought up here in Dubai, basically been in Dubai all my life technically speaking. I did my schooling i.e from primary school to high school in The Indian High School and now currently doing my bachelors specialized in banking and insurance from Amity University, Dubai
moving on to my interest, I love food- I’m a big foodie and a little picky about the restaurants. I get a little too excited when it comes to trying a new restaurant and Tasting food.
The second thing I love is fashion, love new trendy fashion that comes out, love shopping even if it’s window shopping I enjoy the moment. Lastly I love makeup I enjoy putting makeup on my myself , enjoy doing DIY skin care at home and trying them on my skin because I believe in going in all natural and organic.
About this Blog
Well my blog would be based on my interest for food, life advice all random things.
So stay tuned for the very first blog I post next week, if any queries or suggestions you can email me at aishwaryakumar37@gmail.com
thank you for stopping by and sharing love.❤️

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