This restaurant was one of the place where I really wanted to try their food and it was on the top of my foodie list since this restaurant looked really attractive from outside whenever I crossed this restaurant. So, on that day I was craving for some delicious  burgers since tovo is famous for their burgers I thought it was the right time to go and fulfill my foodie list.


Firstly I must say hats off to their ambiance, as much as it is looking attractive from outside it is looking spectacular inside. The ambiance has an elegant rustic finish and  the best part of Tovo is that the plates that they serve is also rustic . I would rate Tovo for their ambiance-5/5.

Now lets talk about the major part that is FOOOOODD..



I ordered the Paneer Steak Burger, I must definitely say the Burger was really juicy and fresh.   The taste was awesome, it really went along with the sauces.

Overall I would rate this dish- 4.5/5





The Second Burger that I ordered was the Lamb Burger. The taste was average and I didn’t find the Lamb Burger fantastic since I have tasted beautiful Lamb Burger elsewhere. I really had high hopes on this Lamb Burger but it didn’t fulfill my expectations.

So i would rate this dish-2.5/5

TOVO is a great place to enjoy your food with your loved ones. The service was great and the concept is quite in touch with the modern food making. I would highly recommend Tovo, give it a try and I don’t think they will let you down…!

















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