Waffle and Pancakes are my comforting desserts since you can eat this dessert at any point of time, I consider waffles and Pancakes as a rule breaker. I was craving for pancakes since it has been so long that I have eaten pancakes so I decided to try out THAT WAFFLE PLACE since I heared we get here awesome pancakes and waffles.

that waffle place 1

that waffle place ambiance


Talking about their ambience, the dessert cafe is a small outlet yet they have decorated it in a cute way by putting up the waffle cutesy posters with high side tables and chairs and the best part of this place is that as you are waiting for your order, you can actually watch them making your order in front of your eyes! I would rate for their ambience 4.5/5



I chose the all time basic/classic waffle i.e peanut butter and chocolate waffle. The waffle did taste very soft and crunchy, overall it was pretty decent but they did a good job of making it like a waffle sandwich which makes it easier for us to eat. As a kid I always loved the relationship of Peanut butter and Chocolate.

I would rate the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Waffle-3.5/5






I seriously have no words to talk about the “NUTELLA PANCAKE” because I literally went like mmmm..yummm with every bite of nutella pancake. If you are a nutella fan just like me or if you are a chocoholic, this is definitely a must try if you are visiting “THE WAFFLE PLACE”

I would rate the Nutella Pancake-4.5/5



“THAT WAFFLE PLACE” is pocket friendly so you can go ahead with your friends and family and do some chit chat with your buddies and at the same time enjoy some delicious waffles and pancakes.


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