Bubble Bee- Chennai

I am pretty sure we all go through this sweet cravings quite often, so this sweet craving decided to hit me up in my head and trust me I couldn’t control especially when you go through all this chocolate tempting videos on Instagram. As I was going through all the videos I came across through the Bubble bee post which looked really tempting and that’s why I made up my mind to visit Bubble Bee.
Bubble bee shop

The ambiance was cute and cozy, it is perfect to hang out with your friends and family. They have a theme of bees which is painted all over their wall- it is pretty cool to see the bees all over their wall while having your dessert. They have a limited seating but they also have a outdoor seating which makes it up for the limited seating.  The service was good and the servers were courteous and polite while taking up the order and also while serving us with a beautiful looking dessert.

Bubble Bee has a wide varieties of of ice creams and also different varieties of bubble waffle. If you wish to customize your own bubble waffle, you are free to customize by choosing the base, fillings, toppings and many more. So I ordered the Double Trouble- when the server put it on our table since it was the first thing that we had ordered I was like OMG!! it was like a small dream come true since I was drooling over the exact same post on my Instagram. Talking about the taste it didn’t reach as per my expectations but the taste was really smooth and creamy and full justice it did satisfy my chocolate craving for that day. I would rate the Double Trouble-3/5.bubble bee 2

The next thing we had ordered was the Rocky Road- this bubble waffle was pretty amazing and more chocolatey, it was kind of better than the Double Trouble. Rocky Road has chocolate based waffle filled with chocolate ice cream topped up with my all time favorite chocolate Ferraro Rocher. The twirl of chocolate sauce and the chocolate waffle stick makes it look very beautiful. Rocky Road is perfect for all the chocoholics out there and my rating for Rocky Road would be 4/5.

Overall it was a good experience to try out this new concept of Bubble waffle. Bubble Bee would be a perfect place for the waffle lovers and sweet tooth lovers. So if you looking forward to try out a different unique dessert, go ahead with your buddies and enjoy the amazing bubble waffles.

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