I have become this foodie person since the time I reached Chennai, there are amazing restaurant in every nook and corner for affordable prices. Talking about the Best Dosa I had here in Chennai was truly amazing. When you see the sizzling hot Dosa station, it is enough to make your mouth water.

TOSAI is one of the best places where I’ve had dosa and obviously being a South Indian I love love Dosa because it is one of the healthiest dish. The specialty about this restaurant is that they sell 99 varieties of Dosa.

TOSAI Dishes are very unique that they spice up the simple regular dosa to their own quirky twist which I think is very creative. I had American Chopsey Dosa and Schezwan Cheese Dosa, both had their own unique flavor but if I had to choose the best among the two dishes that I tried, I would definitely choose SCHEZWAN CHEESE DOSA.                   

OMG!! When you take the first bite of the Schezwan Cheese Dosa, the Dosa and the Cheese mixed with the Schezwan flavor it just melts in your mouth which is so satisfying. It is definitely MUST TRY!!. TOSAI has a total of 10 outlets in Chennai, the one which I visited was located in Ashok Nagar. The ambiance of this place is amazing even though it is a small kiosk, they have arranged it very well with good wooden seating arrangement and a little bit of wooden fence decoration which makes it look beautiful and attractive.  It is an awesome place to hang out with your friends and family.

So if you are one of a Dosa Lover just like me, you must go ahead try this place out and let me know in the comments below.

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