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I know it has been such a long time since I have blogged, the reason is that so much changes was happening in my life, talking about changes in my life-it means making new friends, Hostel Life, New place, College, Studies, etc etc.. And yes you guessed it right I have been Studying for my Masters in Hyderabad, India. Initially it was hard for me to get adjusted to a new place since you guys know I have been staying all my life in Dubai since childhood with my parents and my friends, it is my first time staying away from them so I felt excited to be independent and at the same time also nervous to stay away from my parents. So here I am to share with you guys my journey and give you some tips and tricks to survive your college life since you guys are part of my family.

It is fine to admit that you’re a little bit terrified of this brand new situation,especially visiting somewhere where you know nobody is bad in itself but when you are being dropped off there and told by your parents,”See you in three months”, you suddenly realize how alone you are. I had unrealistic expectations and unnecessary worries, I just finished with my first year of my college and I have learned a lot throughout these few

FOOD– In the initial month of my College, I had a huge trouble getting adjusted with the food which also affected my health, I got stomach upset, diarrhea and what not….since I was not used to eating the spicy food, but with time I got adjusted with the food and started loving the Spicy Hyderabadi Biryani. I ate most of the time at the Hostel Mess since I am living on a student budget and at times to fulfill my cravings I go out and explore various restaurants in Hyderabad. So the advice I would give if you are going to eat at the Hostel Mess is that Hostel Mess gives us a limited choices of food which can be boring or it can be either a good for nothing goop of unnamed curry, but there is almost always the Choice of Dal. Choosing Dal and Roti instead of plain rice is better than taking a bit of everything. Gobble up a lot of Soy chunks and Paneer in a limited amount. Choose the best and leave the rest.

MAKING NEW FRIENDS– I am actually very bad at initiating the first conversation with anyone who I have never spoken to in my life and wait for that person to come and talk to me so I try to make myself comfortable in the conversation and avoid the awkward introduction of myself. I think I am a Ambivert person( neither introvert nor extrovert). But touch wood I have got an amazing friends who are very helpful to me and we have got really close as a family in such a short span. So my advice for you is “DO NOT BE LIKE ME” and try to initiate conversation with at least one new person each day, it can be in the morning, it can be before class starts or during your breaks, but trying to talk to one new person each day can be a great way to meet people and get to know their personality and interests, ultimately you make friends with some of them and try going out with them.

COLLEGE DRAMA– College friendships are awesome especially if you live on campus. These friendships can last you a lifetime. On the downside though college friendships can be way too intense because you spend so much time together. Theres so much stress in the life of a typical college student and it tends to spill out on your social life. You really cant avoid college drama like if your friend has spilled out the secret you told him/her or create unnecessary rumors about you and being judged based on your appearance. Yes it would hurt for a tiny bit but learn to take a deep breath and remind yourself of all the more important things in your life- don’t focus on these things. They’ll fade away eventually and will fade away faster if you would learn to focus on other things and not let this bother you.

College Roomie– Upon your arrival of your college, you have no idea who is going to be your roomate, you get completely anxious about the thoughts of having a roommate. But there are the few realities you come across when you have your college roomate:-


  1.  When you first move into your room with your roommate, you may have this awkward formal thing going on between each other. At that time you have to get adjusted with your sleeping schedules and get to know if your roommate prefers to sleep with lights on or if she prefers sleeping in complete darkness. But no matter how many compromises you might have to make, the awkward stage just passes by eventually.
  2. Secondly after all the awkward formal thing going on, the second stage is the learning stage where you would get to know more about your roommate personality. If you think she is not that one roommate you are looking for and cannot be adjusted with her, you can go to your hostel authorities and demand for a change of roommate, but there are possibilities in some colleges where it can be difficult to change your roommate, at that time this stage is filled with learning the little things about them that no one but your roommate needs to know. There is a saying “She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails”.

Now at this point you and your roommate will get a bit close. Whether you know it or not, your roommate will know your entire life- this happens especially if you and your roommate are close friends. They will more than likely to see you at some of your worst point throughout the year.

Adjusting to college is undoubtedly difficult and adjusting to living with someone might be even harder. But if you do it right, things would go in a right way and may end having a roommate who would be your best friend. Time spent at the university is the best time for most people. More people keep these memories for life. This is the place where you can learn to live independently and be responsible in many ways.


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