From Dubai to the Hills of Shimla

hills shimla

Hey guys, I hope you all are doing good. Well I’m starting of with my very first blog i.e something adventurous yet relaxing. Yes that’s my vacation to India. I really needed a chillaxing vacation from my busy college schedule. So I had decided to go with my family to Shimla.. Frankly speaking I had a blast there exploring and knowing about their culture and lifestyle.

I started of by traveling from Dubai to Delhi and from Delhi to Chandigarh as it was a connecting flight. I must say Delhi airport is massive with a huge area, I was amazed seeing the Delhi Airport as it was clean and efficient. Delhi Airport’s service is really fast moving and very convenient.


Finally after a long tiring journey from Delhi Airport we landed in Chandigarh. We had to find a taxi from Chandigarh to reach Shimla, I would recommend people to take taxi from the airport as it is reliable and safe for those who are unfamiliar with the city . The estimated time to reach Shimla from Chandigarh is 3 hrs and a few minutes .For those who are not using the airport taxi must  be prepared to be street smart and understand the local fares. So basically from Chandigarh to Shimla the estimated fare would be 217 rupees i.e for 110 km distance.

Going on to my favorite part of FOOD, We were so hungry that we stopped over when we were half way to Shimla i.e near the Solan highway – it was a small dhaba where we ate a Thali, typical Indian wholesome food where they served us Rice, Roti, Kadai Paneer,Potato Fry, Rajma Curry and Raita , the food was  satisfying and the quantity was value for money. Once we reached the Solan Highway which is almost close to the hills, we were freezing and feeling super cold , we weren’t used to this climate whereas the locals were claiming  that it would get even more colder when we get  higher up the hills. Since we were freezing we ordered hot Manchurian soup, Kid you not I felt like heaven after having a sip of my soup.

shimla food

Continuing back to our journey to reach Shimla, as the sun was setting and it was getting pitch dark, our journey to go up  the hills was really terrifying. Our driver though was a good driver, he drove very carefully and made sure he dropped us safe to our hotel. We stayed in Royal Himalayan Club, it was nearly late at night when we reached there and was really freezing cold. The staff in Royal Himalayan Club was really friendly and they offered us a welcome drink. After we checked in, we freshened up and I went straight to bed so that we could tour Shimla the next day. The hotel room was amazing, the interior bedroom decor was beautiful but I just wished they could install a proper heater in all the rooms as the heater wasn’t doing any good for the freezing climate.

hotelhotel 2.png

The next day morning we decided to tour the Naldera golf course, I had a wonderful experience riding the horse and the tour guide who took us to Naldera was very friendly.


Right after touring the Naldera golf course, it was getting pitch dark. Suddenly felt like it was raining and then later I realized OMG its not rain, its snowing and apparently it was the first snow of the year in Shimla. I was really excited as I have never experienced snow in my life,  Right after touring Naldera course we went back to hotel and stood outside the hotel, made snow balls and had fun throwing snow balls at each other. After having all that fun we had an amazing dinner from our hotel and ended our night.


The next morning I must say the view from our balcony was beautiful and spectacular. Waking up and seeing such a beautiful view is stress free.


The next day morning, we were too lazy to tour somewhere far so we decided to walk out near our hotel and see the villages. The small houses of the villagers are  beautiful, the local people there are really down to earth.

I wouldn’t say our Journey was smooth, there was ups and downs as well. The next day morning we decided to tour the place Kufri, To go to Kufri we have to travel by horses. We cant walk it out and go there because of the slimy mud mixed with melted ice. Unfortunately the day we got there, Kufri was crowded with lot of tourist.  Firstly I would say , I really didn’t have a good experience touring Kufri, as the care takers of the horses were really rude to the horses which drove the horses crazy and showed frustration on other horses. As I am not a trained horse rider, the person just left me alone with the horse and was concentrating on other horses. My horse began pushing other horses which scared me, I shouted at the care taker and told him to take me safely otherwise I would take back my money.  Finally they told us to get down and walk it out to the temple as the horses wouldn’t go there because it would be slippery due to the snowfall. So all the tourist who joined us decided to walk it out to the temple, we walked half way but came back as it was getting dark and decided that we must go back to our hotel. But we really didn’t expect that going back would be a lot of trouble for us. We got trapped there in the freezing cold among the other tourist for almost 2 hours as there was no horses to take us back and we couldn’t find any of the care taker to take us back. After getting trapped there for 2 hours in pitch darkness    freezing in the cold, finally we all saw one of the care taker and stopped him by and didn’t let him run away from us, after all the fights and arguments with him. He got us horses and finally reached back safe.

kurg pic

Well my 3 day Shimla trip has become memorable, I would wish to visit Shimla again because the place is so beautiful and peaceful . Abounding in natural beauty, the town has retained its colonial charm. I recommend everyone to visit once to Shimla and explore the natural beauty and understand the local people’s culture and lifestyle.



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